Lawton "Tripp" Ellis III


Lawton is the driving force behind The Praxus Group, and the visionary who enables us to grow and expand our business into one that is thriving and succesful.

Bill Miller


Bill is responsible for the day-to-day training / mentoring of our student investors. He provides all the materials, training, and when needed, hand holding. Bill is a great resource and has a vast amount of knowledge and success in Real Estate.

Taryn Kennedy

Asset Manager

Taryn is responsible for managing the goals and objectives for each property, monitors operating budgets, and prepares financial analyses / variance reporting.

Donna Clark

Office Manager

Donna comes to us with a BSBA in Accounting, MS in Finance, and is responsible for AR/ AP / Reconciliations.

Anthony Calabrese & Todd Johnson

Property Management Team

Anthony and Todd are the first POC - Points of Contact with Tenants / Tenant Requests and are responsible for maintenance, scheduling, and repair issues.

Rob and Allen

Construction & Photo Team

When not busy putting up drywall, tearing down walls, or installing hardwood floors, they can be found taking project pictures. It is part of the service we provide our Clients to keep them informed on how things are progressing. It also helps to keep the project within the SOW (Statement of Work) timelines.