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What We Do

The Praxus Group (TPG) started in 1997 as a local real estate investing and networking group of like-minded investors sharing  ideas, experiences, and resources. Our vision was to simplify the investment process for novice investors by providing training,  supplying leads, connecting with lenders, closing companies, mortgage brokers, realtors, etc.  

For those investors needing additional services, we offer property management / maintenance as well.

Everyone needs to have real estate investments in their portfolios. It's less volatile than the stock market, and gives better returns than some other types of investing. Real estate investment groups such as TPG are excellent resources and can be some of the best and enduring friendships.There are many ways to get started and we discuss them in detail.

Call us and see how we can help you build wealth through real estate.

What We Do


Lawton Ellis

Sr Partner

Lawton joined TPG in 1997 by way of NYU where he majored in Urban Policy and Development. He has been an integral part in the success of TPG due to his vast experience, and his contagious enthusiasm.

Paul Beckman

Finance / Asset Manager

Paul joined TPG in 1998 and has been instrumental is developing the company's vision, and direction. He is responsible for Leasing, Contracts (RFPs), and Human Resources.

Donna Clark

Office Manager

Donna joined TPG in 2010 as our Office Admin and was recently promoted to Office Manager. She comes to us with a BSBA in Accounting, and an MS in Finance. Donna is responsible for AR/ AP, Asset Management, and Rent collections & reconciliations.

Jim Johnson (aka JJ)

Property Management

Jim joined TPG in 2012. He deals directly with tenants, handles maintenance and repair issues, and responds to tenant requests. He is a bit shy, that's why we only see the back of him. It's easy to recognize him though with clipboard in hand and tool belt. Thank you Jim for your continued great work!

Rob and Allen

Photo Team

Rob and Allen, when not putting up drywall or installing hardwood floors, can be found taking pictures. They do this on each project to show the Client how things are progressing, and how it all looks. It also helps to keep the project within the SOW (Statement of Work) timelines.


New Investment Group Starting - Summer 2019

Getting started in real estate investing can seem overwhelming, and sometimes impossible, but doing it as a group creates bigger and better opportunities while vastly increasing the success of the investment.

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