A Colorado based Real Estate Advisory Services company since 1997.

Investors wanting to add real estate holdings to their portfolio enlist our services to guide and help manage the process from start to finish. As your Investment Advisor, we work closely with you to determine if a potential property is a good investment, and if it will provide a profitable return (ROI). We furnish insight into buyer trends, review market studies, assist with negotiations, and connect you with Lenders, Contractors, Suppliers, and Property Management services.

What Sets us Apart from Real Estate Agents Today?
Real Estate agents are not required to research or provide advice on real estate transactions. Their job is to act as either a Buyer or Transaction Broker and are paid a commission based on a percentage of the property's sale price. Real Estate Agents are moving more toward becoming Transaction Brokers - they are a neutral third-party, they represent BOTH the Buyer and the Seller, and are more focused on the details of the transaction rather than being an advocate of one party or the other.

At The Praxus Group, we focus solely on our clients and their portfolio strategy, while working diligently to ensure each investment is stress-free, profitable, and successful.

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